Brave New Comics

Established 2022


Amanda and Jeremy’s collaborations started in a high school creative writing class. They rekindled their friendship as they attended Savannah College of Art and Design, Amanda for Sequential Art and Jeremy for Graphic Design. The idea of working together on a comic book started as they worked the convention circuit in New England.

“Writers don’t understand how much work goes into a comic,” Amanda said.

“Hey, I have an idea, let’s do a comic together,” Jeremy exclaimed.

“Yeah, sure,” Amanda rolled her eyes.

I Am the First was born.

A Kickstarter raised over 200% the funds necessary to produce the comic and graphic novel. In the usual manner, Amanda asked if we needed a website. The conversation turned toward the future and we dream big. The moment she asked the question, we knew there would be more projects and Brave New Comics was born.

The underlying mission has always been to make the comics we needed when we were kids. This means tackling difficult themes and focusing on stories for those who need positive role models in comics.