I Am the First: Issue #4 (Print)


There are more dangerous things in Abbey Mills than high school bullies. Alec doesn’t have time to burn as Abbey Mills’ first supervillain threatens to destroy the one thing he loves. But a defeat wounds more than his pride and lays his darkest secrets on the table for all. Can he rise to the challenge, or will he go down in a blazing inferno?

Alec must confront more than his demons to save his loved ones.

Roxi’s confidence is about to land her in hot water. With the town’s only superhero out of commission, it’s time for her to be more than a sidekick. It’s only when she discovers the identity the arson that she realizes the depths of Alec’s torment.

Purchase Details:

  • Card Stock Cover
  • Full Color Interior
  • Saddle Stitch Binding


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